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Ying's Reviews

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Ying's Reliability

Ying has never missed a scheduled booking. However several of us were going to meet with Ying for dinner when I was passing through town and she never showed up after saying she would come join us. This happened every night the 3 days I was in town. With clients so far she has not missed any bookings though.

Mickey's Honest Review of Ying

One of our newest friends. We ran into her while several of us were out in Bangkok for dinner. She was standing outside from the table we were sitting and we started a conversation and then she joined us and ended up joining us each day for 3 days just hanging out and talking. She's looking to make some money to help take care of her mother and wants to join us so here she is. Warning, she looks much better than her pictures--at least the 3 nights she hung out with us she did. We didn't take any pictures though but should have. Assumed she'd have good pictures, but she doesn't. If you think she's cute in the pictures she has posted then you'll certainly be happy when she arrives as she'll look better. Very very friendly personality and easy to get along with. Starting her rates very low to determine the demand and will increase over time to level off demand as needed. So book her now as we started low but WILL go up as we get her demand up.

Escort: Ying

Date: 29th of Sep 2018


Bangkok was having a bit of a stormy night. Ying and I killed the lights in my room and watched the storm roll through. She liked the view from the high floor. After a while we moved to the bed and curled up to watch part of a football match. I had booked for 4 hours and was in no hurry. Ying is a total sweetheart and it was fantastic laying there with her. She has a very beautiful body and a way of holding on to you that made me feel very wanted. She was affectionate and sweet and taking things slowly really seemed to pay off. Ying was also very eager to please and was quite friendly with a terrific attitude. I agree with others that have said that she is even prettier in person. Her body must be seen to be fully appreciated. I loved every inch of it. Please pay attention to the list of services mentioned on her page. I made sure to stick to the list and had no problems. Her profile is accurate. I am already trying to figure out how to work another night like that into my schedule.


Response from Ying: Thank you. You were really nice and I hope see you again.

Length of booking: Medium-Time

Would you recommend Ying to other clients? yes

Would you hire Ying again? yes

Escort: Ying

Date: 14th of Jul 2018


I will have to book her again as she was so amazing I blew my load within about a minute. I was a little too worked up and once I finish, I'm FINISHED no matter what. Old age. I had originally wanted to meet Kea but she was already scheduled by someone else. Ming suggested Ying. I wasn't impressed by Ying's pictures but I was horny and tired and didn't really care by this point as was really frustrated that I didn't get Kea as I have been looking forward to meeting her for a very long time. Ying arrived and again, I wasn't that impressed facially at least. Her body looked ok though. Once I got her undressed I was surprised what she had hiding under there! She has the most perfect petite little body, very sexy legs and a butt to die for. The shock too me by surprise. I normally have to jack off a little to get erect but after seeing her naked I realized I was about to cum before I even got a chance to mount her. I put inside quickly and wasn't able to last but about 1 or 2 minutes at most before I lost control. I will certainly book her again as I finished too quickly to really enjoy myself like I wanted to. Highly recommend her to everyone although facially she isn't much to look at.


Length of booking: Short-Time

Would you recommend Ying to other clients? yes

Would you hire Ying again? yes

Escort: Ying

Date: 4th of Jul 2018


I will give Ying 5 stars she was great. She went way out of her way I want to take her home with me.


Response from Ying: Thank you! that was my first booking and i was nervous but it was very very fun. thanks and hope meet you again

Length of booking: Medium-Time

Would you recommend Ying to other clients? yes

Would you hire Ying again? yes

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